Top Takeaways from RPNA Board Meeting (5/19)

The RPNA held its Board meeting on 5/19. Key takeaways are as follows:

  • Planning continues to go well for the 4th of July Festival.  More information will be in the June edition of the RP Review.
  • There is still no resolution on the Erlewine Gate.  Now that Jeff Harris is back representing RP, the Board brought his office back up to speed on conversations that had taken place with CM Valenzuela’s office.  The engagement of the City Attorney’s office has continued to create a challenge but they expressed a willingness at the meeting to work on a solution.
  • The Board discussed the existing access to Paradise Beach that has been narrowed over the levee at Glenn Hall Park due to the Army Corps project.  Jeff Harris’ office worked with the Army Corps, the access point is now widened, and the Army Corps responses to questions posed at the meeting here:  The Board discussed additional potential solutions including suggesting the City remove panels of an existing fence to widen the access point.  
  • The RPNA Neighborhood Improvement Committee successfully worked with the City to fix almost all of the 16 streetlights identified as not working.  They are also working on a second survey to get feedback from the neighborhood on options to increase public safety patrols in the neighborhood to mitigate crime.
  • The Board discussed concerns with the Tuesday evening runs organized by the Buffalo Chips club. Concerns are focused on safety and inconvenience for residents associated with runners  running in pairs wide enough to take up a significant part of the street. The Board is going to talk to the club about running more narrowly and rotating routs.

Our next board meeting is 6/16 at 7:30pm via Zoom.  All residents are welcome to join, and we will distribute an agenda in advance with instructions for how to join. 

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