Projects affecting the River Park neighborhood:

Proposed Private Housing Development on Existing Site of Newman Center (J St. and Carlson Dr.)

At the August 2020 RPNA Board Meeting, representatives from the City, the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento, and private developer Peak Campus, joined to provide an overview of a planned development on the existing site of the Catholic Newman Center on the corner of J St. and Carlson Dr. The planned development will significantly change the the look at that intersection.  The existing Newman Center will be demolished, and a new Newman Center will be build towards the back of the property off on Newman Ct.  On the corner of the intersection, the Catholic Diocese is partnering with Peak Campus to build a 6-story, 210-unit (565 bed) residential building that will be targeted at students.  There are a proposed 118 parking spots for the 565 beds and the construction proposes to remove 21 “protected” trees. Construction is projected to start at the end of 2021 or beginning of 2022 and complete by the summer of 2023.  

Proposed project documents include the following:

Two Rivers Trail Phase II

The City of Sacramento is currently in the planning stages of a project called the Two Rivers Trail Phase II. Details of the project can be found on the City’s website at

Presentations from the City of Sacramento, and concerned neighbors on the Two Rivers Trail Project from the RPNA Spring General Meeting in April 2018:

CapCity Corridor Project

Project information per CalTrans website: The CapCity Corridor (State Route 51 and adjacent streets) is the most congested corridor in the region. In 2016, SR 51/CapCity experienced over 2,050,000 vehicle hours of delay at a $27.5 million cost to users and had five of the region’s top 10 bottlenecks. As the region continues to grow, conditions in the SR 51/CapCity Corridor are expected to worsen by 2035. To address the issues in the corridor and better meet the needs of drivers, transit riders, freight drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians, Caltrans initiated the Capital City (CapCity) Corridor Project: A collaborative, interagency planning process that coordinates and prioritizes potential multimodal projects in the corridor. There is no single project that will solve all the issues. Instead, it will require a suite of short-, medium- and long-term multimodal projects with planning and funding from multiple agencies. This project may include HOV lanes, multi-use Class I path across the American River, neighborhood bike infrastructure, improved pedestrian infrastructure, transit projects and improved connectivity to transit stations.

Off Road Bike Jumps in the American River Parkway

In the late summer/early fall of 2020 the Sacramento County Regional Parks Department took action to dismantle off road bike jumps in the American River Parkway near the River Park neighborhood. Off road biking and construction of bike jumps in the parkway is not in compliance with the American River Parkway Plan which is state law. Details of that plan can be found here:

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