RPNA Board and Committees

RPNA Board Meetings are normally held the 3rd Thursday of every month (except December) at 7:30 pm at Fremont Presbyterian Church. However, due to coronavirus safety concerns, meetings are currently being held via Zoom. Meeting agendas posted prior to the meetings will include a Zoom link.

August Wissmath, President
Elected 2020, RPNA term 2020-2021
Tony Mader, Vice President
Elected 2020, RPNA term 2019-2020

Allyssa Mader, Treasurer (Elected 2020, RPNA term 2019-2020)

Lynette Scalora-Palacios, Secretary (Elected 2020, RPNA term 2019-2020)

Louise Dowd, Board Member (RPNA term 2020-2021), Events Committee

Dave Morrow, Board Member (RPNA term 2019-2020), Neighborhood Improvement Committee Chair

Brian Nowicki, Board Member (RPNA term 2019-2020), Public Relations Committee Chair, rpnaprc@gmail.com

Chip Studley, Board Member (Elected 2019, RPNA term 2019-2020), Membership Committee Chair, RPNAMembership@gmail.com

Honorary Board Members/Student Liaisons

Bryce Porath and Rosetta Porath

Additional Non-Elected Committee Members:

Shelly Hescock, Neighborhood Watch Committee Chair, riverparkpatrol@gmail.com

Richard Vincent, River Park Review Editor, rcvincent@sbcglobal.net

Janet Mason, River Park Review Publisher, ibd@surewest.net

Tamis Reed, Membership Coordinator, rpnamembership@gmail.com

Mike Craig, Block Captain Coordinator

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