River Park Tree Planting Postponed until March 2023

The Tree Project learned that the Tree Foundation is not able to process enough tree applications for the November 18 planting date. That process includes setting an appointment with the homeowner, doing a site visit, and ordering trees.
Because of this unprecedented situation, the Foundation suggested, and we agreed, to reschedule our River Park Tree Planting to early next year.
Everyone who applied for a tree will be visited by the Foundation, and will have the opportunity to
get one or more free trees, and the Community will plant those trees, on March 3
We hope that everyone who applied will participate in the spring planting. While it’s a disappointment to postpone the planting, it does provide an opportunity for us to get even more tree applications!
We are looking forward to having a great tree planting in March. Thank you for your understanding and continuing support for our remarkable River Park Tree Canopy!
Any questions or concerns, contact Kate at kbriley@surewest.net

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