Food Truck Friday (6/30): Got Plate Lunch

A family run business; husband, wife and daughter.  It all started out with wanting to share the taste of Hawaiian kine style food. We are inspired by the “Hawaiian style plate lunch”.  Growing up in Hawaii, we know first hand the flavors of the food,  “da kine” that you get from the islands. It’s not just Hawaiian, Korean, Japanese, or Filipino, it’s any kind of food.  

SPAM Musubi, Saimin, Kim Chee, Poke, Loco Mocoand so much more. We’re talking about the unique bold flavors, the sauces, the spices, the smell and oh yes, the taste. After many years of sharing and making food for family and friends for parties, it finally dawned on us that there are more people that want to enjoy the island style food.

4:30 pm – 7:30 pm 

Glen Hall Park




Upcoming Events

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6/30 – Food Truck Friday – Got Plate Lunch

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