Water Meter Project Commencing and Q&A

The time has come.  The water meter project is now commencing in RP, and is expected to run for roughly one year.  The silver lining of the project happening now is that the potentially-disastrous traffic detours will hopefully not be as bad during these times where there is less traffic.

The project is beginning on Carlson Drive near Fremont Church and will move down Carlson drive. According to the project consultants, the resident installations will begin the week of May 18, and residents will begin to see door hanger notifications this week.  Ultimately, they expect there will be two project teams working in RP at the same time.

RPNA worked with the project consultants to draft a Q&A document (linked below) that includes information specific to RP.  One key takeaway from talking to the consultants is that they are happy to answer any questions specific to your property either by phone at 916-808-5870 or email watermeter@cityofsacramento.org.

We will continue to update the Q&A document if we see a pattern of similar questions.


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