Top Takeaways from RPNA Spring/Board Meeting (3/18)

The RPNA combined its Spring meeting with its March Board meeting via Zoom on 3/18. Key takeaways are as follows:

Draft 2040 General Plan: City Staff Matt Hartel (Acting Long Range Planner) and Bruce Monighan (Urban Design Manager) provided an overview of Sac’s draft 2040 General Plan that is moving through City Council process, using the deck linked here:  More detail is located at 

  1. City is planning for 70,000 new housing units by 2040.  Major goals for sustainable growth include include addressing housing affordability, climate change, and transportation.
  2. One significant change on path for approval is a proposed zoning change that would allow for duplexes-fourplexes in essentially all neighborhoods in the City.  While duplexes are currently allowed in RP on corner lots, property owners would be able to convert any lot into a 2-4plex. However, City staff emphasize that it is unlikely to have a significant impact in RP due to lot sizes, and other restrictions that would still need to be met, including setback, height, and no more than 40% of lot covered by structures (see slides x-y in the slide deck linked above).
  3. The City’s approach to parking lot components of new developments would change under the plan. Under existing requirements, developers are encouraged to include parking capacity.  Under proposed modified requirements, developers would be discouraged from building parking capacity over certain levels (minimum requirements would go away and maximum requirements would be put in place)
  4. Councilmember Harris discussed the City’s evolving mass transit approach towards “on demand” small buses that are expected to be the future of mass transit. 
  5. Environmental documents will be released this summer for comment.  The zoning changes described above are expected to occur in 2022.

Other items discussed during the Board discussion included:

  1. RP’s 4th of July festival will again be modified again this year to mitigate large gathering.  There will definitely be a car parade and chalk art competition, but we are also soliciting any additional ideas.  See the article in the upcoming RP Review for details or send ideas to  
  2. The City and RPNA discussed restarting the Screen on the Green event in August.  Potentially will be the first Saturday in August at Glenn Hall Park. 
  3. After the meeting, the City let us know that an apartment building was approved to be built on the existing vacant lot across from the shopping center.  It will be three stories with 10 units and 10 parking spots.  We posted the detail with artist renderings here: 

Our next board meeting is 4/15 at 730pm via Zoom.  All residents are welcome to join, and we will distribute an agenda in advance with instructions for how to join.

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