Top Takeaways from RPNA Board Meeting (9/19)

Neighbors, we want to make you aware of the following key takeaways from last Thursday’s RPNA Board Meeting:

  1. The RPNA Board voted to recommend that the City put a code lock on its gate that connects Erlewine to the levee.  If the City moves forward with this approach, we will develop a process to make sure all residents have access to the code.
  2. Breaking news: there will be another major levee improvement adjacent to RP.  Despite recent levee improvements, the federal government still considers 10 miles of the lower American River a top-tier risk. The highest priority is to protect the levee between the H St. bridge and “Paradise Bend”.  A new project is likely to begin in late 2020 and will include removing significant vegetation and trees near the riverbank and rebuilding the “toe road” at the bottom of the levee, which would also impact the Two Rivers Trail project.  The Army Corps is in charge of the project, and we are working to see if a representative can attend our Fall General Meeting on October 19 to provide an overview of the project.  More to come.
  3. A representative from CSUS joined the meeting to provide an update on the university and activities relevant to our neighborhood.  There will be increased coordination going forward and RPNA is going to work increase resident awareness of events at CSUS that may be of interest.  The CSUS calendar was recently upgraded, and it is linked here: 
  4. While we have seen posts on social media about crimes taking place, last month only three crimes were reported to SacPD.  SacPD deploys resources where crimes are being reported, so please remember to report!  Instructions are linked here:
  5. We need residents to fill vacancies on the RPNA Board!  For those interested, please send a candidate statement (no more than 150 words) by October 15 to

Interested in these issues?  Come join us at the next RPNA Board Meeting on October 17 at 7:30pm at Fremont Church, Room 210.

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