Top Takeaways from RPNA Board Meeting (8/19)

The RPNA Board met via Zoom on 8/19. Key takeaways are as follows: 

  1. “Screen on the Green” is now planned for the evening of Sat. 9/11 at Glenn Hall, showing the movie “Soul”.  More details were included in a separate post last week.
  2. RPNA is planning to host a virtual community meeting (likely on 10/21 at 7:30pm) to provide updates on three government projects impacting RP that are expected to begin in coming months: (1) Army Corps river bank protection project running from H Street bridge to “Parade Bend”, (2) CalTrans widening of the I-80 bridge, and (3) City Two Rivers Trail paving project.
  3. City Council adopted the Homeless Master Plan.  As previously reported, the main site in District 3 is a planned triage center at CalExpo, but the City still needs approval from the Board governing the property.
  4. RPNA has asked the Buffalo Chips Running Club to remove numbers they painted in the streets and to use chalk instead.  The Club has agreed.   As a reminder, the Buffalo Stampede run the morning of September 12 will cause traffic delays.  The map and more information is on Page 11 of the RP Review at 
  5. Sacramento Public library invites the community to share ideas and priorities with its planning team through an online survey at
  6. Next year, the City will be rolling out a food a recycling program mandated by state law that will require food waste to be placed in your green waste bin instead of the garbage.  More information available at and
  7. The City is working to remind residents and contractors that using leaf blowers is prohibited on bad air days where the AQI > 100.  Residents can report violations using the City’s 311 app or by calling 311. 

Our next board meeting is 9/16 at 730pm via Zoom. All residents are welcome to join, and we will distribute an agenda in advance with instructions for how to join. 

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