Top Takeaways from RPNA Board Meeting (7/16)

The RPNA Board met via Zoom on 7/16; key takeaways are as follows:

Four members of the Army Corps project team for the American River Bank Protection Project joined the meeting.  Their presentation is located at This portion included:

  • Project is scheduled to begin in November this year and complete at the end of 2022.  But there is a possibility that it could get delayed.  Updated timeline may be shared in the next couple weeks.
  • There are efforts to fully mitigate environmental/ecological impact “as much as humanly possible”, particularly fish habitat. There will be a site very close to Glenn Hall where they are going to plant native plants and trees as part of the environmental mitigation.  Initially, there will be fencing around that site.
  • There are efforts to mitigate impact to RP residents, due to a significant amount of truck traffic coming through the neighborhood.  They specifically said “there will be a lot of trucks.”
  • City is not planning to pave the Two Rivers bike trail until the Army Corps project is complete.

Takeaways from other portions of the meeting included:

  • The City talked about improvements made to the Erlewine Gate, including fencing to deter people climbing over the fence.
  • The City is looking to make sure eligible individuals are singed up for the Great Plates program that delivers three free meals/day from local restaurants for vulnerable or positive COVID-19 individuals. Information available on this flyer:  
  • Good results from law enforcement and neighborhood patrol:  Ticketing illegal parkers, caught one drunk driver. 
  • The RPNA Board is in the process of making suggested edits to the RPNA Bylaws, which will soon be published to solicit feedback from the neighborhood.

Our next board meeting on 8/20 at 730pm via Zoom.  All residents are welcome to join, and we will distribute an agenda in advance with instructions for how to join.

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