Top Takeaways from RPNA Board Meeting (11/19)

The RPNA Board met via Zoom on 11/19. Key takeaways are as follows:

  • Regarding the planned residential development on the corner of J/Carlson, the City reported it is going to hold a virtual community meeting on the project between mid-December and mid-January, which will include a presentation from the developer.  More details to come.  
  • The Board approved retaining a CPA firm that has been identified to assist with RPNA’s not-for-profit financial filings going forward.  This will help with continuity and record keeping as the Board and Treasurer positions turnover every couple of years.
  • The Board approved the plan for the annual Holiday Lights Competition, with expanded prizes!  (see separate post for details)
  • Neighborhood Watch reported its focus is near the Ciavarella baseball field and Erlewine gate due to vandalism at both the field and the gate.  Challenges include the fact that there is a homeless camp on the levee near the gate and indications that the individuals are climbing over fences to get into the neighborhood.  
  • The City reported that the Ciavarella baseball field is getting a significant renovation following water main work in the area.  

There will not be a December Board meeting.  Our next board meeting is 1/17 at 730pm via Zoom.  All residents are welcome to join, and we will distribute an agenda in advance with instructions for how to join.

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