Top Takeaways from RPNA Board Meeting (1/21)

The RPNA Board met via Zoom on 1/21. Key takeaways are as follows:

  1. The City reported that the developers of the proposed large complex on J/Carlson are looking at redesigns that would save some of the trees.
  2. Separately, developers have proposed a 10-unit apartment complex for the vacant lot on Carlson near Moddison (across from the shopping center).
  3. SCUSD Board member Leticia Garcia and Caleb Principal Hanson disused the Districts’ budget challenges.  The position at Caleb that supports the International Baccalaureate certification is still on the list of proposed cuts.  Garcia described the budget options as “horrible”, and the Board needs to enact cuts in the next couple months to avoid going into state receivership.
  4. Caleb student and RPNA Honorary Board Member Rosetta Porath presented to the Board about the environmental challenges associated with the existing streetlights and how they can be retrofitted with LED lights and a cover to provide lighting with reduced negative environmental impacts.
  5. The Board elected the following officers for 2021: Karla Mendoza (President), August Wissmath (VP), Allyssa Mader (Treasurer), Tony Mader (Secretary)
  6. The Board adopted an RPNA budget for 2021 that projects a deficit for 2021, in part due to COVID-19 uncertainties.  RPNA is going to do a stronger membership push in 2021 to help close the gap (see the envelop in your February RP Review!)  

Our next board meeting is 2/18 at 730pm via Zoom.  All residents are welcome to join, and we will distribute an agenda in advance with instructions for how to join.

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