Top Takeaways from RPNA Board Meeting (1/16)

The following are top takeaways from the RPNA Board meeting on 1/16:

  • The gate connecting Erlewine to the levee is now set up with a code lock, with the code set to C1560X (confirmed that it works on both sides; no need to prop the gate open!)
  • The final environmental impact report for Two Rivers Trail Phase II (levee paving project) will be heard at the City Council meeting on February 4.  Residents can comment by attending the meeting, submitting comments electronically through the city’s portal (once the agenda is published), or directly contacting members of the City Council.
  • The Captain at our local fire station, Chris Swarbrick, joined the meeting, stating a strong desire to make sure the fire station is part of the community.  Anyone is welcome to stop by the station at any point to check it out, and they will even give kids a ride on the engine if they are available.  His contact is
  • The City is interested in identifying someone to lead the Adopt the Park Program for Glenn Hall Park.  If you are interested, please contact 
  • The board elected officers for 2020: which are: August Wissmath (President), Tony Mader (VP), Allyssa Mader (Treasurer), and Lynette Scalora-Palacios (Secretary)
  • RPNA Spring meeting will be on March 21 and will feature the consultants organizing water meter installation to answer questions (estimated to begin in April).
  • The River Park Garden Club is planning their garden tour on April 18.  They are still looking for gardens; for more information contact Pat at  

Interested in these issues?  Come join us at the next RPNA Board Meeting on February 20 at 7:30pm at Fremont Church, Room 210.

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