Summary of Proposed City Homeless Master Plan and 2040 General Plan

The RPNA has been working with the City to make sure the neighborhood is aware of two plans moving their way through the City Council: (1) the proposed Homeless Master Plan, and (2) the 2040 General Plan.  This Thursday (2/18), at 730pm, we carved-out the first half of the RPNA Board meeting time slot for the City to provide an overview/discussion of the proposed Homeless Master Plan with Councilmember Jeff Harris and other representatives from the City.

As background, the City Council is considering a plan developed by Mayor Steinberg to create a single “Homeless Master Plan” that would be adopted as a whole plan in June by the Council.  The process is intended to avoid adopting shelters on a piecemeal basis, which the Mayor states often succumb to a “death by a thousand cuts”. 

For the meeting this Thursday at 730pm, instead of the normal RPNA Zoom meeting link for our meetings, the City will be hosting the meeting/discussion using one of its Zoom links.  That link will be distributed prior to the meeting on the same platforms where you are reading this update, and will also be posted at  Following the overview/discussion on the Homeless Master Plan, the RPNA Board Meeting will continue on the same meeting link.

Separate from the Master Homeless Plan, the 2040 General Plan is an update to the City’s global blueprint for how and where the City plans to grow in the next 20 years.  Plans like this are important to pay attention to because—once adopted—City policymakers and staff will rely on this document as it evaluates specific proposals.  Material is available at

On January 19, the staff presented to the City Council a draft land-use map associated with the 2040 plan and other strategies.  The land use map has created some controversy because it includes a proposal to permit a greater array of housing types in single-unit neighborhoods including duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes.  The Elmhurst neighborhood association sent RPNA the letter it submitted to the City Council opposing this policy change due to its desire to keep its neigbhorhood only single family homes.  While RP already has apartments and duplexes, there is some potential for impact because duplexes are currently only allowed on corner lots, and developers could attempt to build denser structures on existing single-family parcels if other restrictions can be met.  Representatives from the City have stated that is unlikely in RP due to a myriad of restrictions applicable to RP, such as setbacks and height restrictions, but we encourage residents to review the materials.  A Q&A from the City that aims to rebut the criticism is available here.   The City Council is expected to adopt the plan towards the end of 2021.  If there is interest in this topic, RPNA can host a discussion at a future meeting. 

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