Key Takeaways from RPNA Board Meeting (8/15)

1.  RPNA and the City are coordinating efforts to address the coyote situation (Aug is the month where aggressive encounters are most likely because the pups are large but still need to be fed by parents). Both City Animal Control and RPNA Board members who have researched the topic agree that the dangers/frequency will increase over time if coyotes do not fear humans, and anyone seeing coyotes should seek to scare (but not harm) the coyotes so that they do not become habituated to humans (a deliberate tactic described as “hazing”). The tactics/benefits are described in this article (, and the expert from the City will be joining the Fall RPNA meeting to discuss the topic (date TBD).

2.  We had a good discussion on the Erlewine gate including a document outlining the history of the gate, options, and pros/cons ( At the September Board Meeting, the Board will determine whether RPNA will be making a recommendation to the City.

3.  This summer, we have seen a drop in parties and illicit behavior at the Paradise Beach.  We attribute the drop to successful Neighborhood Patrol and “report it!” tactics.  Please continue to immediately report any criminal/suspicious behavior to the City/County (numbers listed at and also keep our RP Patrol aware at We also discussed the increase in homeless and encourage everyone to immediately report illegal behavior, such as being at the baseball park after it is closed at night.

4.  We discussed garbage that is remaining near the “cloverleaf” (J Street Overpass).  In the time since the meeting, the City has picked up the garbage.

5.  The City Council approved a Verizon project that includes free WiFi at a larger number of Parks in the City, and Glenn Hall park is included, with installation occurring in roughly 1 year. Contrary to previous reports, this will not be a 5G but rather a slower technology. The WiFi will be installed near the pool and the range is not expected to reach beyond the parking lot. The Board discussed concerns around potentially drawing additional homeless to the park.  

6.  We need residents to run for the Board! It is a great way to give back and contribute to making RP a great place to live. Candidate statements are due October 15 (see front page article on Aug RP review for details:   

Interested in any of these issues?  Join us for the next RPNA Board Meeting September 19 at 7:30pm at Fremont Church, Room 210.

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