River Park 4th of July Celebration 2021

This year’s July 4th celebration will look a little bit different to allow for social distancing, but it will still allow for us to come together as a neighborhood and celebrate the holiday!

This year we will have a car parade followed by a bike parade! The parade starts at Ciavarella Field at 10:00 am! The car parade is open to anyone who wants to participate, and we are especially encouraging (1) Classic Cars, and (2) Cars decorated for the holiday! The bike parade will follow the car parade and we are providing a few extra spots were bikes can join the parade. See map below for details!

Food Trucks!

Food trucks will be available at Glenn Hall Park from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm! We are expecting Rich’s Italian Ice, Hefty Gyros (https://heftygyros.com), and The Wing Spot (https://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Food-Truck/The-Wing-Spot-916-120937449304277/)

Chalk Art competition at your house! Want to participate? Here’s how:

Complimentary chalk will be available July 1 – July 4 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at two locations: Ciavarella Field and Glenn Hall Park near the tennis court. Come grab some chalk and start creating art on the driveway or sidewalk in front of your house!

When you are finished, email a photo of your artwork along with your artist name (e.g., Smith Family) and address to sacramentorpna@gmail.com. (Please try to keep your photo under 2MB if you know how to limit the size and avoid submitting multiple photos unless you absolutely cannot capture your creation in one photo). In order to be considered for the competition, you must email your entry to us by by 2:00 pm on July 4th.

Want to participate in the voting? We will upload a document to this page (and social media) with all the entries by 4:00pm on July 4 with instructions on how to vote by 6:00 pm on July 5th.

  • Winners will be announced on by 8:00 pm on July 6th!
    1. Prizes are as follows:
      • 1st Prize is $100 cash!
      • 2nd Prize is $75 cash!
      • 3rd Prize is $50 cash!
      • 4th Prize is a $25 gift card to your choice of Mamma Susanna’s, The Coconut, or Roosters!
      • 5th Prize is a $15 gift card to your choice of Mamma Susanna’s, The Coconut, or Roosters!
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