Erlewine Gate Replacement with Code Lock

The City has reported to the RPNA that it has identified the funds to implement the solution discussed over the summer for its gate that connects Erlewine to the levee.  The current gate is now being replaced with a gate that has a code lock.  The solution was delayed because the City had difficulty immediately identifying funds.  

The following is the schedule for the gate replacement (may be impacted by weather):

  • Thursday (12/12) – pull gate, remove the old locking system and expanded metal
  • Friday (12/13) – install new expanded metal on gate
  • Monday (12/15) – receive and install the gate hardware on gate
  • Tuesday/Wednesday (12/16-17) – rework the posts to support the gate and prevent post separation at lock
  • Thursday – install gate
  • Friday – touch up as needed

The City has asked the RPNA for a recommendation on a process for making the code available to residents.  We will be working on a plan so that people can get the code next week when the new gate is installed.  More information to come.

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