Congratulations to Holiday Lights Winners!

For this holiday season, we had 19 residences who entered the competition.  Thank you to everyone who lit up the neighborhood!   We also want to thank the over 200 people (more than last year!) who braved the cold and voted for their favorites.  The rankings were based on a point system where every first place vote is worth 5 points, fourth place votes are worth 4 points, third place votes 3 points, etc.

The following are the winners:

  • First Place: #16 – 3823 Moddison (The Morks)
  • Second Place: #5 – 5713 Shepard (Behr Family)
  • Third Place: #1 – 5715 Moddison (Katie & Jeff Ebner)
  • Fourth Place: #18 – 3791 Erlewine (Alex Sherry)
  • Fifth Place: #2 – 5301 Monalee (Jami and Kelly Richmond-Moore)

The winners will be awarded $200 cash for first place, $150 cash for second place, $100 cash for third place, and for fourth and fifth place, each receiving a $50 gift certificate for one of the neighborhood restaurants of their choice.  RPNA will be in contact with the winners.

Thanks to all who participated!

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