Comment Opportunity for Large Private Student Housing Development Planned for Corner of J St. and Carlson Dr.

As a follow-up to RPNA previous posts about the 6-story, 210-unit private housing development planned for the existing site of the Catholic Newman Center on the corner of J St. and Carlson Dr., we want to make the neighborhood aware of a comment opportunity for the project, with comments due by October 19.

There are three components of this project that are under review and are open for comment: (1) a proposed re-zoning of the parcel to allow for the building, (2) the proposed building design, including the fact that there are only 118 parking spots for 565 beds, and (3) the proposed removal of 21 “protected” trees.  The project requires recommendation by the Planning and Design Commission and final City Council approval.  The City informed RPNA that there will be a hearing in late 2020 or early 2021.

We have posted project documents we have received on this site: 

RPNA has been in contact with the City Planning staff, and we have confirmed that comments are to be directed to the individual below, either by e-mail, phone, or in-writing:

Robby Thacker, Associate Planner, Central City and East Sacramento

City of Sacramento | Community Development Department

300 Richards Boulevard, 3rd Floor

(916) 808-5584;

You may also make the City’s District 3 office aware of your perspective because they have been engaged with the developer on the project.  

The RPNA will keep the neighborhood informed of any additional developments that we are made aware of.

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