CapCity Freeway Bridge Widening Update: CalTrans Releases Environmental Document for Comment by 11/18

As an update to previous CalTrans presentations to the RP neighborhood on the CapCity Freeway Improvement Project, they have now released an environment document for review/comment focusing on Phase I of the project that will widen the bridge.

The main reasons this project will impact River Park include (1) the likelihood of  the sound wall behind some of the homes on Erlewine Circle moving closer, (2) the addition of a bike/pedestrian path on the bridge going over the American River connecting the CalExpo side to the River Park side, and (3) construction noise during the project.

The last time CalTrans presented to the neighborhood, they provided the following timeline: Construction related to the bridge widening is expected to occur between 2021-22 while other elements of the CapCity Corridor project are expected to occur in the 2024-25 timeframe.

We have uploaded the draft document for comment:  Comments must be sent to the following e-mail adress by 11/18: 

CalTrans also told the RPNA that it will release a “public meeting video” on the CalTrans YouTube site by 11/9.  It will be located on this site:  

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