American River Bank Protection Project What You Should Know About the Project

(note: Environmental Report Comments Due July 20)

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will be doing up to 11 miles of river bank erosion protection measures along the lower American River. The most critical work area – the segment that comes first in the construction schedule – is the section that affects River Park from Paradise Beach to CSUS.  This is because of high flood flow velocities in this area.

Schedule: Site preparation work is scheduled between October 2020 and February 2021 and is expected to entail removing much of the existing vegetation along the river from the H Street bridge to where the bank narrows after Paradise Beach (where the gravel road ramps up and down to the top of the levee).  Construction is slated to begin Spring 2021 and continue through October 2021.

Environmental Document Review: The Army Corps’ environmental document has been released for public review and comment from June 5 through July 20. A virtual public meeting to discuss the project and accept public comment will be held on Monday, June 15 at 4:00. Instructions to access the virtual meeting through the internet, sign up to receive e-mail updates, get more information about the project, and to get a copy of the environmental document, are at

Frequently Asked Questions: Also at, click on the blue banner “American River Levees”  to open up a page that includes links to the environmental documents and to an excellent summary and exhibits in “Frequently Asked Questions.”

Also, on this page, scroll down to the blue banner “Current Project Activities” American River Contract 1 (section affecting River Park), for a summary of project objectives, schedule, work areas, and public comment.

As we previously reported, the City has delayed its Two Rivers Trail bike paving project until the Corps project is concluded.  We know that both projects require environmental mitigation and we have no information on whether these measures, including moving and planting elderberry shrubs, are being coordinated. 

The Army Corps project will include importing and exporting large amounts of tree waste and construction materials such as rocks.  Residents along the bank protection project haul route  will  want to review the environmental document for more information on types of loads (rock, trees, etc.) and how many daily truck trips can be expected, and submit your questions/comments/concerns to the Corps.  Depending on timing, there could be overlap with traffic detours related to the water meter project as well.

Participation: We encourage interested residents to comment on the environment document by the July 20 deadline noted above. Additionally, anyone interested in adding their “eyes and ears” to the Corps, water meter, and bike trail projects please contact Nancy MacKenzie (, who will be working along with other River Park residents with the Save the American River Association to ensure that our segment of the American River emerges from these major projects with enhanced

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